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Latest Client Testimonial…

From Paula Airoldi, Encore Property Group – Nov 5, 2022…

“I can not recommend and thank Glenn at Perth Local Marketing highly enough. After struggling with a previous website developer & SEO marketing company, Glenn listened to my concerns and immediately jumped into action with a simple solution.

Previously my time was used to try and understand marketing & SEO and not focusing on my business. Glenn has made this simple by taking the burden away by not only developing a brand new website but getting me BETTER results with google than I was previously working with the last company.

His knowledge and expertise is second to none and is very up to date with current trends.

Glenn listens carefully to what your goals are and takes action to make them happen. He is creating videos for us which are working like a charm for our new business exposure. I am now receiving on average two new business enquiries per week since implementing the video SEO which is incredible.

The best thing about it all, is that I can finally focus on running my business and not worry about this side of things as I know I am being looked after by a true professional that knows what he is doing. He just gets the job done! If you are chasing more leads for your business then run, don’t walk, to see Glenn at Perth Local Marketing. Thanks for being a life saver Glenn and doing a brilliant job.”

Shouldn’t Your Perth Business Have A Website That Gets You Customers…
Stress Free?

Of course it does.  And in 2021, it doesn’t stop with your website.  SEO, Video Marketing and Social Media are all essential aspects of marketing your business.  After all, the Yellow Pages and your local paper ads just don’t work anymore.  Your business needs to be found where potential customers are looking for you… and that’s online (and on their mobiles!)


At Perth Local Marketing, we help businesses utilise digital marketing to get more leads and customers.  Let us save you the time and expertise needed.

You’ll get so much more than just a ‘pretty’ website.
And put an end to your marketing worries.

See Why Video Gets More Customers To Know About Your Business…

Do you lie awake in the early hours, worried sick about where your next sale is going to come from?  This is the dilemma of many business people – small and large – so you aren’t alone. Sure, a website needs to engage a visitor from the start, but then it needs to convert them to an action, whether that’s to give you a call, or join your newsletter, or buy your product or service.  And unless you’re sending people to your your website from a TV or Radio ad, your website also needs to be found in a Google search.

Are you one of the many business owners who have a F.F.S. website?

No, not THAT ffs!!  Although we know many business people who utter that phrase when they wonder why they aren’t getting any leads or sales from their website.  This F.F.S. means:  Friends.  Family.  Staff.  Those people in your life who have ‘helped’ you with your website with good intentions.  But, 99% of the time, these digital ‘store fronts’ for your business, don’t look as good as they can or work horribly.  All detrimental to your sales.  At Perth Local Marketing, we craft local business websites that look good, engage viewers, function correctly and lead to an action.  Most web ‘builders’ only provide a single aspect, because that’s all they know or understand.  (Grab your copy of our 21 Point Website Checklist below)

Local Perth businesses trus Perth local marketing for their websitesBecause of our long business experience, creative and technical expertise,
we know how to craft your website for maximum sales potential.

If your business is your cash and income lifeblood, why take a risk with it?  

Most people answer…  “the cost”.  

But what is it costing you in lost sales each week because you
haven’t invested in an online presence that will bring in revenue?

We’ve been in business and building websites for 22 years and know that the most important thing to you is getting paying customers – which makes it imperative to your income and peace of mind that you trust this essential element of your business to someone that understands marketing AND how to make it work for your business in the online world..

You need people to click through your website and get them to call you.  A website or video needs to lead a viewer to a conclusion – usually to get in touch. There’s a psychology behind it.  That’s what makes effective advertising of all forms work…

Did you know that we’ve also been in media production since 1981 – with clients such as The ABC, Walt Disney, Warner Bros, NINE, Seven and a multitude of advertising agencies, so when it comes to getting quality and trusted services for your business, you can rest assured you’re dealing with an experienced and knowledgable business who ‘gets it’.

We welcome you to browse the website and get in touch for a chat by phone or email to discuss your digital marketing requirements and how to get your business growing with a better inline presence.

Don’t worry… we won’t baffle you with meaningless mumbo-jumbo or all the latest trendy fads or BS buzzwords.  Time is short and valuable.  Let’s work together to make the most of yours and the success of your business.

Now go on… browse, click, discover.  Most of all, stop struggling, because we’re here to help you.  Call us on 0408 462 994 to have a chat about your requirements.


Professional WordPress website design and development services. We provide small businesses with affordable, custom websites that are tailored uniquely to your business and that are very easy for you to manage.  Don’t worry, if you can type an email, you can manage your website.  We’ll show you how.


These days, more and more users are browsing the web on mobile devices instead of desktop computers. This has changed the game as far as web design goes and it’s crucial to make sure your business is keeping up.  We create all our sites in a ‘responsive’ format, so they look great and work correctly on phones and tablets.


Let’s talk videos on your very own youtube channel. Short (30-120 seconds) info and promo videos that give your site visitors details and help them to choose your offerings.  Oh!  It doesn’t hurt that Google LOVES these types of videos for your search rankings, either.


This is where the rubber meets the road.  Your site needs to be optimised for your LOCAL keywords, otherwise it’s likely your business will suffer by not getting the number of customers you need.  All our sites include ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE SEO.  This means you’ll be listed in Google searches and people will visit your website.

Custom Mobile Apps

Could the days of the website be numbered?  Maybe not quite yet.  But your business can take advantage of APP technology so you can communicate right to your customers and offer cool things like loyalty rewards.  With 97% of app messages being read, this is very quickly becoming a ‘must-have’ for serious businesses.

Make it easy on yourself…

Use our FREE “21 Point Website Checklist”.  Essential reading if you already have a site or wanting to know what you should have and ask for from your web dudes!  To get the checklist right to your inbox, simply enter your details below.  Don’t worry, we respect your privacy and won’t be sending you any spammy emails!

Watch this short video that makes sense of digital marketing and your business…

Why Choose Perth Local Marketing?

Our simple web strategy exposes your business where potential customers are looking for you, and that’s the NEW PRIORITY for local business owners.

Three times more smart phones are registered each day than there are babies born in the world!! This means that your business needs to be where customers are looking, and on the devices they’re using to look.

Exciting Announcement

Perth Local Marketing is a FINALIST in the Rockingham Kwinana
Chamber of Commerce Business Awards


Most importantly, our clients see the difference when they use our services. We provide top tier services and build websites, produce videos and apps that are absolutely second-to-none. We’re here to help you and your business.

You need a professional service like Perth Local Marketing to ensure that your website and digital marketing is truly best-in-class and that’s precisely what we offer. On top of all this, we provide all our services for the best prices around and offer up-front estimates to all our clients.


At Perth Local Marketing we understand every aspect of great web development and video marketing and can create your online presence in such a way that it will be perfect for expanding and growing your business.

We also know it’s probably not something you want to learn how to do.  After all, you have a business to run and your own services to perform and products to make and sell.  Why not chat with us, check us out, and see for yourself how we can take all this digital and online mumbo-jumbo and turn it into mire revenue for your business success.

We create websites that work perfectly, look beautiful and that thrive on Google for local searches. How do you really know if a website is working? Because it will increase your traffic, your visitor engagement and your sales. We focus on the bottom line to create websites and videos that work for your business to produce more leads and customers, so you make more money.


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